JuliaCon Local Eindhoven 2023

JuliaCon Local Eindhoven 2023

Consider attending the Eindhoven JuliaCon city-based event on December 1st and help grow the Julia scientific computing community.

I am very happy to announce that I am an organizer of the first city-level JuliaCon conference. This will be a one-day event in Eindhoven on December 1st, organized together with the PyData Eindhoven conference on November 30th (the day before).

The website is live: https://juliacon.org/local/eindhoven2023/. You can submit proposals, book early-bird tickets and consider joining as a volunteer.

We named it "JuliaCon Local" to avoid any confusion with the yearly Global JuliaCon, which is typically also associated with a city name. The date is also positioned in the winter, to be out of sync with the summer schedule of the Global JuliaCon conferences. People who could not attend the Global JuliaCon now have another opportunity to meet like-minded Julians and computational scientists in the industry and academia.

My apologies if I notify you via multiple channels, including my blog, but we are really excited about growing our scientific computing community in the area. Please consider sharing the news with your network. Of course everyone on the planet is welcome to join our conference! Hopefully we are paving the path to more city-level JuliaCon conferences.